Formation and Creation – The Eternal Mind.

Creation happens on a massive scale all the time.

Our Human Bodies existed before we did. Our Human Bodies are formed from existing material within the universe and are bound to the laws governing the Universe.

At a some point, mostly between the ages of 4–6, when the bond and connections between the Conscious and Subconscious mind have formed a powerful link, something beautiful happens. A new being is Created.

As self-aware sentient beings, if we were formed from existing matter within the Universe, we would have been aware of this from the moment the Universe began.

We were not aware of it though. Those older than 6 years of age would not be, or would ever be, able to state that they were there, alive and self-aware the moment the Universe began. Those under the age of 4–6 years, well, there is no self-aware being Created yet.

As Creations, from nothing within the universe, we are not subject to the laws that govern it. Only formed entities are bound by the laws of the Universe.

Imagine driving a car and the tyre blows, you lose control, then crash and flames begin quickly engulfing the car to the point that within 30 seconds the entire car is alight ferociously burning. The car is formed, its material is formed, the tyre is formed, your body is formed, from matter that already exits. That matter ultimately complies, it has no choice, to the rules that govern the universe. Your body would be destroyed by the fire.

You though. You would remain. The fact that you are a Creation from nothing within this Universe means that the fire has not affect on you. You as a consciousness, self-aware being, are immune to the laws of this Universe. Not even being pulled in to a black hole would end you.

Just remember that your mind, you, the person you are, knowing you are, it is all eternal. Whatever eternal means in the ultimate sense, you will remain when your body is gone.

Notice that within your mind there is always noise. It is impossible to completely silence you mind. In fact, internal mind sound is needed. Try to manifest, conjure, images within your mind whilst trying to silence it. You’ll find that you will struggle to imagine and see imagery when you are trying to quieten your mind.

This happens because Neurons, the ones assigned to the Imagination and the inner mind eye, generate sound/frequencies that mould what I call strange energy. The different frequencies shape the energy forming what you see within your mind. When you picture a red apple within your imagination/mind, for that moment, it is physically there and exists. Granted the resolution of the Imagination cannot picture the apple in its entirety, i.e. you only ever imagine it in the 3rd person; the outside of it.

I will say something now that you will find, most probably, weird and strange and you may even disbelieve me.

When I discovered that Neurons generate noise/sound at intricate frequencies, forming what we see in our mind, I screamed out loud within my mind and said, “Are you there?”.

Whatever it is, however it began, I am grateful and will forever hold it in my heart. It provided a way for there to be a beginning. Which, after time, allowed me to exist.

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