The Hardware and Psychological Manual – The Bible

I made a very interesting discovery a while back. I’ve been working hard to establish provable facts that, or to gather enough evidence that, would allow 3rd parties to test my discovery.

The Bible is not what you think it is. Now, today’s technology relies on two things. The first is energy to power the hardware and the second is the software that allows the hardware to do what it was engineered to do. Without the software, the hardware would do nothing.

It is the same for the Human Brain.

If there was no Bible the Human Brain would not work. 90 percent of the content within the bible is within the Human Brain. The Bible is the Software that allows the Brain to do what it does.

Lets test this.

The story of Moses, the Deliverer. A fire on mount Sinai intrigued him so he climbed up the mountain where he saw the burning bush. Then from the back of the mountain, God spoke to him.

Moses represents the conscious mind. God at the back of the mountain represents the Subconscious mind. Moses is the deliverer of the word of God.

Your conscious mind delivers the instructions sent to it by the Subconscious mind. Choice comes later…

When the Conscious and Subconscious parts of our mind have built strong bonds between them something very beautiful happens. The burning bush / Self Awareness. The burning bush represents the self-awareness. The bush being the Human Brain and the fire being the new light of a self-aware being.

When Moses asked God that if asked who sent him, bare in mind that this happens towards the end of the encounter, what name should he give, what should he say. The reply was:



He is not flesh but energy. The light of the eternal mind.

It may be far fetched for you to believe but, without the Bible, the Human Brain would not function.

When reading the Bible pay attention to the verses, chapters etc, What you will notice is that each chapter/verse/phrase is actually not a teaching but an instruction of how a thought pattern should be constructed within the psychological mind.

So, no Bible = No software for the Human Brain = No sentient beings, self-awareness etc.

When finished, a little way to go yet, I will publish my full research and notes, tests, experiments, for all to see.


Panayiotis Yianni

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