Silence and the Void

It is logical to think that whatever exists within this universe is bound by the laws of it and works and is formed only in the way the Universe allows


The Imagination. How does it work?


Firstly, when you imagine anything, for that moment it exists. It is there. If it wasn’t, you would have no knowledge of it. You would not know it.

Billions of Neurons manifest these images and sound you see and here within your mind.

This is where I reveal something not known yet, by anybody.

Strange energy, the energy of the mind and the imagination, is strange because it can be shaped, moulded and formed into anything that your knowledge fed imagination can conjure.


The Neurons responsible for manipulating this strange energy do so by generating internal sound. Internal meaning the sounds of the mind and imagination.

To test it, do the following.

Within your mind imagine yourself sitting and next to you is a glass cup. Imagine yourself picking up the cup and shouting SMASH. Then imagine yourself throwing the cup at the wall and when it hits the wall you hear the glass smash with parts of it flying off in every direction.


Imagine the same scene with the glass smashing but this time I want you to do one thing differently.

Within your mind I want you to remove the sound. What I mean by that is when the glass hits the wall I want you to silence your mind. Completely.

Are you able to make images within your mind if you tried removing the sound generated by your mind?

Like a LED / LCD screen where each pixel changes colour to form the image on the display, neurons together generate sound that forms the image you see within your mind.

No sound… image.

Silencing your mind is impossible. Is this also an indication that your Imagination works because Neurons generating the sounds of the mind are manipulating energy to form the images you see within your imagination/mind? If so, that Neurons are generating sound, could this be something that needs to be looked at as a matter of importance both for Medical and Neural Science matters?

human secrets by Panayiotis Yianni – Amon Interactive Ltd


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