The Construct and Formation Engineering

Your Imagination is a magnificent Formation Engine. For you to be able to hear and to see what is in your mind the formation must exist, somewhere. You can’t imagine something that doesn’t exist. So, when you imagine, for example, a volcano then make it erupt, for that instance and time you were imagining it, that volcano erupting, existed. Granted not all of it was there and the reason for this is resolution. The resolution of our minds is limited to the amount of Neurons that make up our brain.

Now when I say resolution I mean it in this way; try to imagine a horse and imagine all of it. That would include blood cells, veins, its tongue; all of it. You will not be able to achieve this. Why? We do not posses that ability because we are not equipped with enough Neurons in our brains that would allow such a detailed formation.

Now, whatever it was that happened seven months ago; I woke up and for a few seconds I couldn’t see normally and instead I saw what I now call the Construct. As strange as it may seem there is no difference between how we form images and sounds in our minds and how outside our minds everything is formed also. This makes sense and is understandable because everything, and I mean everything, at its ultimate beginning is formed the same way using what I call strange energy. I named it Strange Energy because it can be manipulated to form everything you can think of. The Construct is the same and is formed from this Strange Energy. The construct provides the foundation that allows everything to be.

Think of the Construct as the ground floor of a tall building. Each floor sits on the other and the the higher you go floor wise the closer you get to how we experience reality as it is so the top floor is where we are now in our perception.

More to come soon……..

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