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The best definition of yourself can always be seen and found in how you treat people

There is no control involved. There is no judgement, no punishment. There is only Love. Love is why God ( The Creator ) allowed everything to be free. The Creator did not paint the Mona Lisa. Leonardo DaVinci did. The Creator did not paint the Sistine Chapel Ceiling. Michelangelo did.

Creativity | Diversity | Variety | Vibrant | Vivid | Imaginative | Creative

That is what The Creator wanted. To have introduced a form of control upon his creation the result would be a control of life and its variety, diversity and will and all shaped in the way that control insisted or dictated. Life that is not free is not life. It is an abyss of fallacy masquerading as life.

A puppet on a string.

The Creator provided a beginning and with his love did he set it all free.

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